1. poems

    "Take It" in Medical Journal of Australia 

    excerpt from JULIET (II) in Empath Lit

    excerpt from JULIET (II) in FORTH Magazine

    "Bruises" and "Hello Hello" in Split Lip Magazine 

    "November" in Poetry City, USA, Vol 2 (print anthology)

    "Wake" and "To a Real Party" in Paper Darts

    "Sad Circus Tents" in Ampersand Review

    "Today the Sky" in Ampersand Review

    "Awe" and "Smoke" in Narrative

    "Red Paper Heart" in Metazen

    "Moon Dog" in smoking glue gun

    "Pioneer" and "Unborn" in Northwind Magazine

    "Professionals" in Phantom Limb 

    "Down into the Grass" in Connotation Press

    "Crush" and "Coil" in B O D Y 

    "This is what it’s like to fall out of love" in anderbo

    "On Elbows" in MiPOesias

    three poems in em:me magazine

    "Wait" in Poydras Review

    "Rain Poem" in LEVELER 

    "August" and "February" in Emerge Literary Journal 

    "When people ask if I’m going to give Evelyn a brother or sister" in PANK 

    "This morning the dew on the grass was so beautiful" in The Bakery 

    "All the Birthday Candles," "Someone Left Out in the Rain," and "RSVP" in Country Music

    "Big Bitch" in Bare Hands Poetry

    "The Wind" in The Tattooed Poets Project 

    "Daisies the Size of Moons," "Rain Poem," and "All the Birds from the Trees" in H_NGM_N