1. "A woman from the audience asks: ‘Why were there so few women among the Beat writers?’ and [Gregory] Corso, suddenly utterly serious, leans forward and says: “There were women, they were there, I knew them, their families put them in institutions, they were given electric shock. In the ’50s if you were male you could be a rebel, but if you were female your families had you locked up."
    — Stephen Scobie, on the Naropa Institute’s 1994 tribute to Allen Ginsberg (via fuckyeahbeatniks)


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  4. "I have never found anybody who could stand to accept the daily demonstrative love I feel in me, and give it back as good as I give."
    — Sylvia Plath (via alonesomes)

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  5. RED PAPER HEART: e-version now available!


    Sarah Certa, the wildly talented  author of RED PAPER HEART, has requested we make her chapbook available for download. 

    Here it is:




  6. yespoetry:


    Lisa Marie Basile is the founding editor of Luna Luna Mag and the micropress Patasola Press. She co-edits Diorama Journal. Her work can be seen in Best American Poetry, PANK Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Nervous Breakdown and others. She is the author of the chapbooks Andalucia and

  7. alexdimitrov:

    from “One American Summer” at the San Francisco Public Library, July 8, 2014


  10. [excerpt from “Bruises”]

    If Victoria’s Secret knew everything about sexy
    they wouldn’t be selling bras. Just white t-shirts
    and mango-flavored chap-stick. Movies of men cooking dinner while outside
    an end-of-August storm creeps over the horizon like a bruise
    on your spine you didn’t know was there but like
    to press up against because it makes you feel like you’ve done

    [excerpt from “Hello Hello”]

    I want to choke on something beautiful

    and then spit it back up

    into the mouths of strangers on the street

    so I can feel like a good citizen in my community. 

    I wonder if I have a disease.

    I don’t care if I have a disease.

    This is me on a Sunday.

    Hello hello I’m a person in the world and I love you.

    Hello hello I’m too stupid to say anything about war except

    I love that millions of you have died inside me.